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About Us

We are a non-profit tax-exempt 501(c) (3) organization. Our funding is provided entirely through grants and donations from the public.

We are a 100 percent volunteer organization and are normally open every Saturday and Sunday from 10 AM to 3 PM. DURING THE WITHER MONTHS OF JANUARY, FEBRUARY, MARCH, AND APRIL WE ARE CLOSED EVERY SUNDAY. EXCEPT FOR PARTIES, MEETINGS, AND EVENTS.

We will also open our doors anytime to host special events like birthday parties or business meetings in either the dining car or Railroad Museum. Adequate advance coordination is needed for any alternative operating times.


The one year plan for the Historical Foundation:

  • Complete Phase 2 of the exterior landscape improvement and lighting project. Work will commence after the holidays and final planting will be completed in early spring of 2017. This phase adds a picnic area that will be a fun place and will draw additional members of the community to utilize for a picnic.
  • Increase community use of Dining Car for birthday parties, meetings, and other events.
  • Add external lighting for security and for aesthetics.
  • Double museum membership and participation.
  • Complete the downstairs layout

In our one to three-year plan:

  • Additional upgrades of the exterior property landscaping will enhance the curb-appeal and functionality of the grounds.
  • With increased funding, significantly improve the interior and exterior of the museum building and the exterior train cars.
  • Open the main room of the museum to wedding receptions, parties, and other events. This will help the museum move to a more self-sufficient status.
  • Flooring throughout the rest of the museum
  • Add a Backup Generator

Our 5-year plan:

  • Continue to improve on the curb-appeal of the museum.
  • Add an addition outside full-size railcars to the existing railcars on display.
  • Within the five years, the museum plans to expand to a 6-day per week operation which will justify a brown Kentucky highway tourist sign. The tourist sign for the museum is guaranteed to bring additional visitors to Oldham County by giving people an additional reason to exit I-71.
  • Paid Employees for the Train Store and as a watchdog for the rest of the Depot.
  • A new roof


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